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From: [Taylor Brown]

Dear Fellow Parent,

Whether you are considering homeschooling your child or you have already made the decision to homeschool and you now want to know how to best get started, this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!


Because you are about to discover the insider tips, secrets and strategies that will enable you to:

  • Determine once and for all whether homeschooling is right for your child
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It’s true!

Right now, if you are like most parents who consider homeschooling, you have hundreds of questions … but I’m here to tell you that now you can relax. In a few moments I’m going to reveal how you can have all your questions answered by one convenient, inexpensive resource.

But first, before I go any further, let’s take a closer look at homeschooling and why it could be the very best decision you ever make for your child.

Why All Parents Should at Least Consider Homeschooling …

The number of parents who homeschool their children is growing rapidly.

In fact, according to The Parent Survey, which is published by the National Household Education Surveys Program, approximately 850,000 students were homeschooled in 1999.

By 2001, that number had topped 1 million and in the years since, that number has continued to grow higher and higher.

By 2007, the number of homeschoolers was over 1.3 million.

So why are more and more parents choosing to homeschool? Here are several benefits of homeschooling:

  • You get to spend the day with your child
  • You control what your child learns and when he learns it
  • You build a better, closer relationship with your child by spending more time with him or her
  • You have the opportunity to show your child that learning can be fun and not boring
  • You’re able to create a learning program that is tailored to the needs and strengths of your child – helping him to learn more faster and easier than he might be able to in a more traditional educational setting
  • Your child can receive in-depth, personal attention in any subject that she may struggle or excel in
  • You’re more able to transfer your values and beliefs to your child and address any life questions that he may have
  • You’re better able to protect your child from negative influences that she may encounter outside the home
  • You can take vacations during the school year and make them educational
  • And much, much more!

Still, Even With All Those Benefits, the Decision to Homeschool Can Be a Difficult One …

Each family chooses to homeschool for different reasons. Some find the quality of the local school system dismal, to say the least.  These families homeschool because they want to provide their children with a quality education that exceeds what they can get in public school.

Some families homeschool for religious reasons. These parents want to give their children not only the fundamentals of a great education – preferably in a one-on-one setting – but also want the freedom to teach religious values, ideas and beliefs as they see fit.

In any event, no matter what your reason for considering or choosing homeschooling, there is now a comprehensive guide that reveals everything you need to know to provide your child with a fantastic education.

Introducing the “Home Sweet School: Homeschooling Your Child From Preschool to Graduation” eBook …

Here is just some of what you will learn by reading this information-packed, yet easy-to-follow ebook:

  • Homeschooling truths and myths – what you learn here is sure to surprise you!
  •  How to know if homeschooling is right for your child – this information could save you from a great deal of frustration and disappointment later on!
  • The pros … and cons … of homeschooling – homeschooling is definitely not for everyone, find out here if it’s right for you and your child!
  •  How to know if you have the temperament, patience and personality to homeschool – you’ll be amazed at how simple this is to determine when you follow these simple tips!
  • How to manage your home and life while you homeschool – if you’re not careful homeschooling can take over your life … here’s how to keep that from happening!
  •  How to “survive” the first year – discover how to ensure you and your child get started off on the right foot and then remain on track for success!
  • What to expect when you first start homeschooling – homeschooling can be a scary experience for both you and your child, here’s how to eliminate those fears!
  •  Common homeschooling obstacles – and how to overcome them quickly and easily!
  • What a typical day/week in the homeschooling life is really like – whatever you, do don’t start homeschooling until you read this!

Plus, This Powerful eBook Also Contains Valuable Homeschool Teaching & Curriculum Tips!

You’ll learn how to take the “tried and true path” and choose the right pre-designed curriculum for your child … or should you decide you would prefer to ”go solo”, you’ll learn how to design your own homeschooling curriculum for your child. I’ve even included tips for creating a curriculum from preschool all the way through high school.

Here is more of what you will learn about homeschool teaching:

  • How to use the whole world as your classroom
  • How to find great learning resources for cheap
  • How to teach your child life skills, as well as academic skills
  • How to recognize and build on your child’s natural gifts
  • How to instill a lifelong love of learning in your child
  •  How to record your homeschooling journey – learn here how to carry out evaluations and ensure you keep proper records
  • How to homeschool kids indifferent age groups (from ages 3-8, 9-12, and 13-18), including tips for homeschooling children at each age, problems parents may encounter with solutions, and suggested fun, original, and engaging ideas and activities for kids of these ages!

In each age group, I’ll also provide an idea of the level of ranges for material.  For example, in the early stages, children should be learning multiplication by the second or third grade (Of course, the beauty of home schooling is that you can adjust this to meet your child’s level of understanding.)  But my suggestions should give you a good outline to work from.

So Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Child’s Education?

If so, “Home Sweet School” is the perfect ebook for you!

This big fat "beefy" guide, which contains over 70 pages of cold hard content, is written in a simple and easy to follow style, and clearly lays out the entire homeschooling process from A-Z, from preschool to high school.  

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  • How to tweak any curriculum to fit your child … or how to create your own curriculum (it’s not nearly as hard as you might imagine)!
  • Teaching tips that’ll help ensure your child learns much more than he ever would have in a traditional school!
  • Plus, how to run your homeschool and keep proper records so that you easily meet all of your state’s requirements!

This ebook will save you tons of time, money, and aggravation. You'll learn how to avoid all the costly mistakes that other homeschoolers often make. Plus, you’ll learn how to turn ANY child into a terrific student.

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  • And much, much more!

“Home Sweet School” gives you complete step-by-step instructions for homeschooling.

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